What do you need to know before buying your freezer?

Choose your freezer wisely: Type, Storage capacity, Type of cold, Climate class, Energy consumption.

What do you need to know before buying your freezer?

When the time comes to buy or replace your freezer, it can be difficult to find your way among the variety of models available on the market. This conservation device is one of the purchases that should not be made lightly. Guaranteeing the good preservation of food, it must be efficient, functional, but also economical. Choosing a model therefore requires a certain amount of thought, taking into account a certain number of specific elements. Price and user needs are not the only important aspects; you must also take into consideration the size of the room in which you want to place it, the type of device, its storage capacity, its type of cold (ventilated or static), its climate class: here are all the elements to take into account consideration when choosing the right freezer; we will explain the most important features so you can easily find the one that suits you best.


What need for which freezer?
The main types of freezers
What are the criteria to prioritize before buying a freezer?
What temperature for your freezer? Ventilated or static cold?
What is the energy class of a freezer?
What does the climate class of a freezer mean?
How do you recognize a good freezer?
How to maintain your freezer?

What need for which freezer?

There are three main types of freezers: the chest freezer, ideal for storing and preserving large quantities of food, the upright freezer, which fits easily into the kitchen and the Top freezer. Before any purchase, it is therefore essential to determine which model will best meet your specific needs. The criteria to take into account are the number of people and culinary habits, which determine the most suitable capacity. It is also important to take into account the space available.

The main types of freezers

The freezer is one of the essential household appliances and has become, in just a few decades, essential to our daily lives. It allows you to freeze and store food and also avoids throwing away food when cooking too much. Find out what are the different types of freezers that exist on the market and the different options that can make your life easier.

Chest Freezer
Horizontal in shape, it is the largest means of storing your food, even those that are bulky. From 100 liters to 750 liters, it is often equipped with baskets that can be pulled out for even more space. It also consumes less electricity and has more autonomy. In the event of a power outage, food remains frozen longer.

Upright freezer
In terms of volume and space occupied, the upright freezer is comparable to the refrigerator. It has a capacity ranging from 45 liters to 450 liters. Vertical in shape, it opens from the front and has the advantage of being able to be installed anywhere. It is a freezer equipped with compartments or drawers depending on the model. These are very practical for storing food.

Table top freezer

This is the ideal freezer for small spaces and for those who don’t need to freeze a lot of food. The average capacity of a table top freezer is 85 liters. Perfect for the needs of one or two people, it fits in a small kitchen and even under a worktop. Its top can be used as a worktop extension or can be removed to slide under the worktop.

What are the criteria to prioritize before buying a freezer?

Several criteria must be sought to ensure that the chosen model meets your needs:

The volume of the freezer and its size
The type of cold (static or ventilated)
Its autonomy in the event of a power outage
Its defrosting mode
Its comfort of use
Its number of storage drawers and their arrangement
A mechanical or digital thermostat (to know what temperature for a freezer)
A light or sound alarm system (security element)
Its energy class
It is also important to take into account the number of users.

What temperature for your freezer? Ventilated or static cold?
Two cooling technologies are suitable for freezers. First of all, that of static cold, and that of ventilated cold, which requires the presence of a fan so that the cold is well distributed inside the device. The defrost mode is directly linked to the type of cold chosen:

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