Delta Gas cooker 50 x 60 innox

100,000 CFA

Product Name: Gas Stove – 4 Burners
Brand: Delta
Model: F6S40G2-BR
Number of hearths: 4
Dimensions: 88×78
Four: Statik finn
Lighting: 25W
Grill power: 2000W
Energy Class: B
Volume of four 50 x 60: 51 it
Rapid gas burner: 1.55kw
Semi-rapid burner: 1.50kw
Semi-rapid gas burner: 1.50kw
Auxiliary gas burner: 1.00kw
Grill burner power: 2.00kw
Oven burner: 2.40kw
Gas type LPG(G30) 30 mbar: 745g/h
Total gas power: 10.25kw